Financial Freedom

Financial Freedom

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Are you financially free? If you are not financially independent...right's because a powerful group of money-grabbing mercenaries are taking your wealth.

Who's taking your wealth? Your mortgage company, your bank, your credit card companies, and your auto-finance company.

These organizations have brainwashed you into thinking that they're doing you favors by extending your credit, while in reality they're quietly and methodically picking your pocket. They look out over the country and say something like, "The average American worker will earn over one million dollars in his can we get most of it?"

And you know what? They do!

According to the government statistics, 96% of Americans do not achieve financial independence. But these same Americans produce more than a million dollars ($1,000,000) of personal wealth over their working lives. So how come we end up with nothing?

Remember how much fun you had with the stuff you charged on your credit cards. If you charge $5,000 on a credit card and pay the minimum payment - it will take you thirty years to pay it off, and you will have paid more than twenty-five thousand dollars ($25,000) in payments. In other words, you will pay the credit card company over $20,000 for the privilege of using their $5,000! Many credit cards charge 24% interest. If you stop paying because of illness or loss of job, that $5,000 credit card debt will double to $10,000 in three years. It will double again to $20,000 in six years. It will double again to $40,000 in nine years. This is a cancerous financial tumor that will eventually destroy you.

Love that new car? The true cost of driving a new $25,000 car (including depreciation, interest, insurance, gasoline and maintenance) is approximately 50ยข per mile. A sixty-mile trip to Cleveland costs $30.00!

Remember when you applied for a mortgage, how the mortgage company made you feel unworthy, like you were begging for the privilege of borrowing their precious money, and how they were doing this wonderful favor for you...letting you use some of it.

What really happened at the closing of your home purchase was that the mortgage company stuck a huge siphon hose into your wealth production and proceeded to suck as much of it out as they could through interest charges to make their own fat coffers even fatter. For the privilege of using their money, you agreed to pay them approximately three times the purchase price of your home. The word mortgage comes from two Latin words "mort" and "gage." You see the word "mort" also used in the words mortician and mortuary. The Latin word "mort" means death. The Latin word "gage" means pledge. The word mortgage means "death pledge." It means exactly what it means - you must work yourself to death to pay it.

You are being used like a beast of burden to produce wealth for a select group of hugely-profitable companies...instead of for yourself and your family. When your working life is over, you'll be left with some rusted-out cars and worn-out trinkets, and these already-rich companies will be sitting there with all the wealth that you produced!

The real problem keeping you in financial slavery is not a lack of money. You'll produce over a million dollars during your working years. The real problem is that the financial system (controlled by big money companies) is designed to take that money away from you and your family!

But things could be different!

How would you feel if you didn't have any debts? Imagine not owing a penny on anything, including your house, your car, or credit cards. The only things you'd pay for each month are food, utilities and taxes. No one could threaten you financially, because there's nothing they could take away from you. They couldn't threaten to take away your job, because you wouldn't need it. They couldn't threaten to take away your house or car, because you'd own them.

How would you feel if you didn't need a job because you had a permanent source of income -- whether you work or not?

Would You Like To Be:

  • Completely Debt-Free
  • Operating 100% On Cash
  • Building Retirement Wealth
  • ...All with the income you are already making?

Then Take Action!

Develop a financial freedom plan individually tailored to your exact situation.

Step 1 is the elimination of as much of your debt as possible through debt repudiation by means of the bankruptcy court. The key to your financial freedom is the speed with which you get out of debt. You must implement an aggressive debt elimination strategy. Debt repudiation is the key. It is totally ethical and legal. Credit card debt, medical bills, finance company loans, overdue utility bills and certain types of tax debt will be eliminated at the beginning of your financial freedom plan.

Step 2 is keeping a spending journal for a one-month period. The spending journal is a detailed account of every penny you spend in a given 30-day period. At the end of the 30 days, you will analyze your spending pattern by categorizing the spending and evaluating each category to determine whether you "got your money's worth." This is your life and only you determine whether the satisfaction obtained from the spending in any spending category was worth the money spent. Any spending category that brought you fulfillment equal to the cost should be continued. Spending in any category in which you believe you did not get your money's worth should be curtailed.

Step 3 is finding your debt accelerator. Your debt accelerator is found by analysis of your spending journal. The debt accelerator is that 10% to 20% of your net take-home income that you once spent on things from which you did not get your money's worth. Concepts of voluntary simplicity are stressed. It is our strong opinion that more is less! The American dream of the big new car, the fancy new house, the boat and all the debt and interest charges that come with it, is the American nightmare. You must master a few simple strategies of voluntary simplicity which make living with your financial freedom plan and debt accelerator easy and fun.

Step 4 is paying off your remaining debt. The debt accelerator is applied to the payment of any debt that remains after the debt repudiation process. Apply the debt accelerator to your smallest remaining debt first. Add it to the regular monthly payment you are already making. The smallest debt will quickly vanish. Then apply the debt accelerator along with the regular payment you were making to the next-smallest remaining debt. Once the second debt is paid, the debt accelerator, along with the regular payments you were making on your smallest and second-smallest debts are paid on the next-largest debt. This will probably be your mortgage. The process of paying off the smallest debt first develops momentum for your financial freedom plan, much like a large snowball rolling downhill.

Once the size of your debt accelerator is determined, you will be able to calculate the exact month in which you will be totally financially free. No debt of any kind. No mortgage! No car payment. No credit card payment! Utilities, food, gasoline and car maintenance, insurance, taxes and entertainment expenses will be your only remaining financial obligations. This is normally achieved in seven years or less, depending upon the size of your debt accelerator and the amount of your debt that remains after bankruptcy repudiation.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel, and it is not a train, it is financial freedom!

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