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What Bankruptcy Can Do For You

  • Eliminate the legal obligation to pay most or all your debts. This is called a "discharge" of debts. It is designed to give you a fresh financial start. This is not an absolute right, but does provide tremendous relief for those with large amounts of unsecured consumer debt.
  • Stop foreclosure on your house and gain the opportunity to catch up on missed payments. Bankruptcy does not, however, automatically eliminate mortgages and other liens on your property without payment. You must ultimately pay your lender, but the court will allow you a longer time in which to do so than you would ordinarily be able to negotiate with your lender.
  • Prevent repossession of a car or other property and allow you the opportunity to catch up on missed payments. Once again, you must ultimately pay your lender at least the fair market value of the car.

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Stop wage garnishment, debt collection harassment, and similar creditor actions to collect debt. Once bankruptcy is filed, creditors must stop all collection activities.

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